Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: New Advertiser

I'm proud to announce a new advertiser for this week -- but this isn't your usual, run-of the mill advertiser or advertisement. This week is the third time that this advertiser has chosen to spend his advertising dollars here at Ogre's -- and that should tell you something about the results you can get from advertising here!

But even better, I really like this advertiser. This week, it's once again New York Nitty Gritty that is advertising here. They'll be here all week at the top of the left column, and scattered throughout the blog.

This blog is a photoblog from New York City. It's not even the subject that attracts me to this blog, it's the quality of the pictures. The framing, the subjects, and the technical details of the pictures is just incredible. Head on over and take a peek -- you'll see what I mean. Really, this is a great photo blog that you should visit at least once a week.

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