Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: New Neighbor #47

Welcome again, good readers, to this week's New Neighbor. For those who haven't seen this feature before, this is a weekly post that appears each Sunday afternoon. Each week Ogre reads through some new blogs from the massive blogroll on the right side of the main page, right now the Evangelical Blogroll, and finds a new blog to highlight and introduce to you, my kind reader. This week, it's


This blog is about
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And, well, other than telling you the author is "JivinJ," I can't tell you much more about the blog itself -- there's no typical "About" tag in the corner. And yes, I am well aware that the kettle is calling the pot black. One day I might get around to putting one up...

The latest post from Friday is one that I had considered writing last week, but I ran out of time. In that post, JivinJ asks when storing of umbilical cord cells became "controversial?" I'm not sure I've heard anyone complain about that until, well, this person started storing them and the news generated a fake controversy.

He's got another post up that shows Democrats in Iowa working on redefining the English language to fit their own usage now. Apparently now in Iowa, "stem cell" means "cloning." Yes, only in Democratic Iowa are those two things synonyms.

There's also a post that helps debunk abortion lies from the pro-death group. And he does it without even mentioning the 40 million babies that have been killed in the United States since 1973.

The blog layout is rather plain and simple, but that makes it easy to read with lots of flashy things vying for your eyeballs' attention. So, on this wonderful Sunday afternoon, why not head on over and have a read. See if you like what you see. You might find a new blog to read every day.

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