Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Why Vote?

Why should I bother to vote? After all, in New York, the dead are voting in record numbers. Chuck Norris says to vote for conservatives. Well there's none on the ballot anywhere near me (including the judges). I'll let you know if I spot one.

Some people that claim to like freedom are voting Democrat to teach those nasty big-government Republicans a lesson -- presumably by attempting to replace them with bigger government Democrats. And heck, according to the media, the Democrats have already won. Maybe the dead are winning with large amounts of "early voting."

Around the world, leftists are winning. Why should the US be any different? Why shouldn't we give up on freedom? Where on this entire planet, is freedom expanding? Where is freedom successful in the 21st century? It works everywhere it's tried, but no one is trying it any more.

The only possible tiny glimmer of hope for freedom left on the planet lies with The Free State Project -- and they can't seem to find 20,000 people on the entire damn planet that are interested in freedom. And oh yes, I've signed up. And I've joined as part of the first 1,000. So where's everyone else who wants freedom?

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