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Today I present a magician...and I don't know his name. He was performing this weekend at The Carolina Renaissance Festival at the Washer Wenches stage, but I didn't catch his name. Take a careful look and see if you can see what he's doing in this picture:


Yes, that's correct, he's nailing a nail into his face. There was a sword swallower at the festival a couple years ago I really loved, but he's moved on -- so this guy takes his place (at least for nails).

This fellow was an excellent magician, working the crowd and working classic magic tricks. Towards the end he really made the cups and balls tricks interesting when oranges started showing up! And for the grand finale, SIX oranges and a cantaloupe showed up! Very impressive. He also said he's be on Letterman in a couple weeks, so I'll see what else there might be to that!

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Dextre Tripp

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