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It seems that, like the Democrat Party, the Republican are simply changing their definition of words to fit their own purposes. Many who supported the Democrat Party when they were classic liberals have found the party has left them. Many have not yet realized their party has drastically morphed. Republicans are picking up on that morphing as well to their own party.

Yesterday I got an ad supporting a Republican for Congress in my district. He will win with about 75% of the vote because the district was clearly and obviously drawn to elect a Republican. His ad says: "Re-Elect Patrick McHenry for Congress. Effective. Conservative."

So, let's see what the "new" definition of "Conservative" is:

"Congressman Patrick McHenry voted against CAFTA because it would cost thousands of Western North Carolina jobs"

So now, supporting higher prices and reducing freedom for companies is somehow conservative?
He's fighting to get more money out of the education bureaucracy....

So increasing government spending is now also, apparently, "conservative."

I SO wish there was somewhere for people to go who actually wanted to be free, because this place sure isn't it.

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