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*** Update: Added the picture!

Today, highlighting acts I like at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, I'd like to present The Jewels of the Caravan. Very, VERY unfortunately, I forgot to upload the picture last night, so I have no picture to show you of them. Now feel free to head on over to their web site, where you can see much better pictures than anything *I* could take.

This is a "high-energy troupe performs a variety of ethnic dance and music, influenced by India, Africa and the Middle East. Invigorating the festivities with the gypsy spirit of celebration, they captivate their audience." And they're not kidding.

(Click to enlarge)

It's a great show, but unfortunately, it's show times often conflict with Dextre's shows, so I don't get to see this show too many times -- much to my regret. Folks, it's more than just some lovely ladies up and dancing -- even though it is that, too. You will be memorized by the skills and abilities of this group. They are extremely talented, and I can't imagine the time and effort that goes into learning how to dance that well together.

Yet another show that I highly, highly recommend if you can find the time to head out to the festival. This weekend, I'll be there all afternoon Sunday, hopefully taking more pictures of some acts I didn't get last weekend! Be sure to keep coming back if you want to read more reviews, or just to visit the festival vicariously as some do. :)

Blackenshear the Curious
The London Broil
Dextre Tripp

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