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The second in the series about the Carolina Renaissance Festival brings us to another great act by a group of really nice guys. Today I'd like to highlight The London Broil.

These are a bunch of nutty guys who bring "Comedy & Juggling, Together at Last." These guys have been performing together since 1999, and they just keep getting better. They have an absolutely great show that does bring together comedy and juggling.

When I was there, it was quite windy that morning. There was much discussion about the juggling of fire in the wind. Louie didn't seem to mind. Matt was a little nervous, but they did it anyway.

Again, they're just a great group of guys. I've stopped and hung around with them before and after shows, and they're just nice people (I'm starting to sound like a RenFest groupie...). The show is absolutely outstanding -- if you like Monty-Python humor, you'll even get all the jokes (otherwise just laugh politely when everyone else laughs).

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Dextre Tripp

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