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Yes, this past weekend once again found the Ogre at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. It really is a load of fun, and it's a place to forget about the daily loss of freedoms and other such nasty thoughts. I took some pictures this time, so I hope to have some pictures and a review of acts up each day this week for your reading pleasure.

First up is, for me, one of the biggest draws of the show. He's been going to these shows to years, and he ALWAYS puts on an absolutely great show. Who is it? It's Dextre Tripp.


Dextre does a great show with balancing, juggling, and tightrope walking. I've seen all of his shows numerous times, and they just never get old (and no, I'm not rooting for the stage). Here you can see him juggling an apple, a sword, and yes, a running Echo chainsaw. In the background you can see a ladder that he climbs and does other juggling and tricks on. And no, the ladder has no support, he just balances on it.

Every year I head back to see Dextre. And he's a great guy -- I've sat around and talked with him after the shows and he's just a real neat person. If you ever get the chance to see him, you really should -- it's a GREAT show. And if you're ever at the Festival late, be sure and check out him walking up a flaming rope at the Fairhaven stage!

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