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The Radical left is pouring millions into his race in order to defeat him and replace him with a liberal politician who, according to his own statements, wants to raise taxes, repeal the federal death penalty, and give amnesty to illegal aliens. His call for an immediate withdrawl of our troops is a dangerous idea that could leave us vulnerable to domestic terrorist attacks here on American soil.

His name is Richard Pombo. He has probably never asked you for anything before, and he isnít now. We are.

You know Richard as a rancher and Member of Congress from Tracy, California. He authored a book called ďThis Land is Your LandĒ in 1996, outlining the litany of abuses we private property owners have endured at the hands of left-wing bureaucrats armed with over-zealous environmental regulations.

Over the course of his 14 year tenure in the House of Representatives, he has raised the awareness of private property rights battles in Congress. Year by year, fight by fight, Richard has led the charge for us.

That is exactly why private property rights advocates across the country exalted when Congressman Richard Pombo became Chairman Richard Pombo of the House Resources Committee in 2003. Finally, we the few defenders of this constitutionally guaranteed right had one of our own in the most powerful chairmanships in the Congress.

And fight he did. Just days into his first term as chairman, he took on the radical left and changed misguided and overzealous forest management policy with the Healthy Forest Initiative for the first time in decades.

From there he moved on to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), long considered the Holy Grail by environmentalists. And for the first time in its 34 year existence, Richard led the House of Representatives to successful passage of a complete ESA overhaul.

Not only did his reform bill repeal the ESAís worthless critical habitat provision, it actually contained private property rights protections with federal compensation requirements for takings!

The radical environmental left has taken notice of Richardís ability to fight and win, ladies and gentleman, and they are pouring everything they have into defeating him on November 7th. Thatís just 18 days from today. We cannot, and must not let this happen.

Richard needs our help, right now. A look at what heís up against:

Defenders of Wildlife has spent $410,000 against Richard to date, and just
filed an ďIndependent ExpenditureĒ report yesterday with another $500,000
for television attack ads.

The Democrat National Campaign Committee (DCCC) just sent $250,000 to the
11th District to help Jerry McNerney, Richardís liberal opponent. And
intelligence informs us that more is on the way.

The Sierra Club has already spent more than $94,000 against Richard, and
more is on the way for the final two weeks of the campaign.

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has already spent $143,000 smearing
Richard, with more on the way for the home stretch.

And liberal billionare George Sorosí has sent blank checks and
armies of activists to Richardís district to get out the vote.

And Environmental Action PAC just put-up $20,000 for anti-Pombo phone banking.

This is it, folks. We cannot afford to lose everything we have gained or the man you help us achieve great things in the last decade. We must act.

I cannot overstate the urgency of this call to arms. PLEASE visit Richardís campaign website and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $2100 - the maximum allowed by law per individual.

Every dollar helps, and Richard needs a lot of them to beat back this final push to defeat him. Even is all you can do is to send $15 dollars, please do so. Everyone needs to send something to defend the one person who has been defending us.

Make no mistake: this attack on Richard is retribution for his work on behalf of every defender of private property rights, on behalf of the Constitution as the framers envisioned it, and against the radical liberals who have no respect for either one.

Please click here: Richard Pombo for Congress RIGHT NOW and help us win this fight.

Again, visit to contribute now.

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