Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Democrats Select (not elect)

Just to help illustrate how utterly broken the political system is in North Carolina, just look at the latest "election." Dan Blue has just been appointed to a 2-year, 2-month term in the General Assembly, where it is very likely he will seek, and may win, the speaker's seat. And he did it without one single vote from anyone in his district. Instead, he was appointed by "Democrat leaders."

So, just to make this crystal clear: the next speaker of the North Carolina House may have gotten to the seat of speaker without one single vote from a taxpayer in his district.

Explain to me again why I'm supposed to care about elections. Tell me again how my vote is supposed to matter. Tell me again how we're a representative republic where the people who pay the taxes get to elect people to represent them. Oh how I yearn for freedom!

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