Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: In NC, Unions support Socialism

In North Carolina, the Socialist Unions who absolutely despise freedom are throwing around a lot of money to elect Democrats, at least according to the news report. However, that's not quite accurate. You see, Democrats have already gerrymandered the state to the point where it is absolutely impossible (barring a major event, like a civil war) for the Republicans to win. Everyone knows that, even the unions. So why would they be spending lots of money?

Because they're trying to buy votes. They know the Democrats will win in the state, so they are currently making a push to buy things like higher minimum wages and easier access to stupid workers.

If we had freedom, these unions wouldn't be able to lobby and give tons of cash to the state. Know where that money comes from? The state. The majority of union members in North Carolina WORK FOR THE STATE. So they're taking their money and using it to lobby the state for more government and more money. In a free republic, the government would be the absolute SMALLEST employer in the state, not the largest. Instead, we have a self-propagating system where they work for the state and take their money to bribe politicians to give them more money so they can give more money to the politicians.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

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