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The Greensboro Paper weighs in on the Chief Justice election. As you might expect from the vast majority of North Carolina print newspapers, they endorse the Democrat. And in doing so, they expose their strong bias. The editorial actually says

This is a moderate-conservative court, and Parker fits comfortably into its centrist core

After saying a few paragraphs earlier that governor Easley appointed this person. Now I know that Easley actually claims to be conservative, but that's only because if he admitted his actual positions on the issues, he wouldn't win again. Then again, that's the strategy of the Democrat Party in North Carolina. If they actually admit what they stand for (higher and higher taxes, less education, medicine free to everyone except those who work, etc.), they would lose every election held. So they have to lie.

This editorial is more of the same. If you want someone who will actually enforce the laws that are on the books (even though they're written by socialists), then you should vote for Judge Rusty Duke for Chief Justice.

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