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Why Judge Duke?

Judge Rusty Duke is a conservative who as Chief Justice of our Supreme Court will uphold the Constitution of our state and protect the safety and property rights of our families.

Judge Rusty Duke has served as a trial judge for seventeen years, working with Clerks of Court, Sheriffs, and other law enforcement officers, lawyers and prosecutors.

Judge Rusty Duke opposes judicial activism that seeks to change social policy by judicial interpretation.

Judge Rusty Duke will work to keep the judiciary independent of the legislative and executive branches of government, as contemplated by the North Carolina State Constitution, and to make the courts more efficient.

Married for 33 years with three children, Judge Rusty Duke knows firsthand the stresses modern families face - and believes the traditional family is the foundation of our culture.

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This posting is neither paid for, supported by, nor coordinated with the Rusty Duke Campaign. It's just a semi-free citizen trying to exercise what's left of freedom of speech in North Carolina.

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