Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Presidential Response to Saudi Arabia

Alerted by Always on Watch, I see that the Saudis are demanding an apology from President Bush. I would like to provide the appropriate response from the United States:

"Mr Bin-Hoomid, you're right, and I will apologize right now.

"I apologize to the people of America that we have allowed the religion of death, Islam, to invade our shores and fester inside our country. I apologize that I have not been more focused on stopping the growing sores of Islam from expanding and taking over in America. I apologize that we have let Islam have a monopoly on terrorism against Western Civilization for the past 40 years.

"You can take your Prophet Mohammed (may he rot in hell) and shove him up your ***. You claim it is a 'falsification' that Islam is related to terrorism. While it may be true that all members of the religion of Islam are not terrorists, of what good to me are those members? You can claim you are peaceful, but when your religion demands my death, I really don't give a damn. You want a peaceful religion, then YOU stop the terrorists in your midst. Since you won't, I will.

"You and your cabinet might claim that 'Fascism is a product of Western culture,' but who gives a damn? Should I only kill you with guns made in America, too, or is it okay if I use Chinese weapons? It doesn't matter to me one whit WHY you towel-heads want me dead, I'm still going to kill you until you stop trying to kill me.

"As for CAIR, we know that's a terrorist group. Anyone who claims otherwise is dishonest and likely in league with them. And Edina Lekovic, terrorist from LA, again, I don't care that it cast aspersion on 'all muslims.' Once again, if you won't stop the terrorists in your group, I WILL.

"Hey, Mohamed Elibiary, terrorist activist, you're offended? Kiss my rear. You have no right NOT to be offended. And you're offended by me using terms that are accurate, but somehow you're NOT offended by terrorists killing thousands IN YOUR NAME? How about being angry AT PEOPLE WHO ARE KILLING for once, you terrorist sympathizer?

"In conclusion, I address specifically Bin-Hoomid and his pals in Saudi Arabia. You are warning me of 'dangerous consequences.' Let me tell you something, buddy -- you're Saudi Arabia. I'm America. Shut the **** up. You just keep pumping the oil out of the ground or we'll just come take it from you. We've had 50 states for a long time, and if you keep being annoying, we might just have to add number 51."

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