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Yesterday I mentioned a News Photo Game. The idea is to send your modified pictures to Reuters and AP and attempt to get them published. Now Murray has offered a prize to anyone who can get a picture published. The key is to get the picture published with the Garden Gnome visible somewhere, somehow.

Once again, if you need help with the basics, Harvey explains how to get started. For more "authenticity," blogless Dr Dan H. provides another suggestion:

Just a hint to make the photoshopped photos more believable: take the exif information from a picture taken by a digital camera (example below) and add this to the faked image you send in.

Reuters might, just might have staffers looking for exif data that says "photoshop" by now, so it is perhaps wise to give them something plausibly real to look at.

Or than again, maybe not...

EXIF data:

Filename : 100_0486.JPG
Filesize : 2972799 Bytes
Image timestamp : 2005:06:08 09:55:22
Image number :
Exposure time : 1/750 s
Aperture : F4.8
Exposure bias : 0
Flash : No, compulsory
Flash bias :
Focal length : 13.3 mm (35 mm equivalent: 65.0 mm)
Subject distance:
ISO speed : 100
Exposure mode : Auto
Metering mode : Matrix
Macro mode :
Image quality :
Exif Resolution : 2856 x 2142
White balance :
Thumbnail : JPEG, 4026 Bytes
Copyright :
Exif comment :

Come on, what are you waiting for? Have some fun and win prizes!

Oh, and if you make one and post it, leave the link in the comments and I'll link to it (trackbacks have been spammed until they died). If you don't have a blog and make one, email it to me and I'll post it for you!

Here's one from Butch.
Team Swap posted one -- WARNING: Do not follow that link with a drink nearby!
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