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This case is another example of how difficult it is to fight socialism and the left in America today. This is the case, you may have heard of it, regarding Abraham Cherrix. He is being told that he will be taken by the sheriff with force and strapped down to a table and injected with drugs against his will. And no, he hasn't even come close to committing a crime.

Why would the state do this? Because Abraham is "only" 16 and the state knows better how to treat him than he and his family does. You see, Abraham is sick. No, it's not a sickness that's contagious and could affect others, it's cancer. Jay and his family want to treat his sickness as they desire. However, the state in it's infinite wisdom, is determined the treat him against his will.

If this were just one person, the judge, he could be shot and this would be over with. But it's not just one judge. The entire bureaucracy of social services is lining up to crush Abraham's freedom. There's actually a hearing today to determine if the judge will order the police to take this boy into custody so they can forcibly medicate him. Any sheriff who obeys this judge's order is just as guilty as the judge.

Social services, for those who don't know them, are basically evil. They exist to destroy people in order to obtain federal funding. Sure occasionally they do something good, but like the ACLU, they do 1000 evil acts for each good act.

Will this lead to an "Elian Gonzalez?" It's sounding like it will so far. The gestapo, I mean social service agent has already threatened Abraham's parents that they will forcibly break into his house and take Abraham by force. Abraham's father asked the agent,

What will you do with my little boy? Will you take him somewhere and strap him down and put duct tape on his mouth and pump full of this stuff if he doesn't want it?

The social services agent replied
No, I will come to your house with a uniformed officer, and I will take your son by force if he resists. And I will take him to somebody who will do that.

In other words, in Virginia as of right now, the state's interest in providing medication against someone's will trumps ALL rights and freedoms. Abraham's father believes that there's a judge who will overrule the forced medication. Mr. Cherrix, you may want to arm yourself. You see, this is a so-called "family court" decision by Judge Jesse Demps. He IS god, in his mind. You have challenged his decision. That makes most judges fight harder.

So, how do you stop this horrible injustice? The ONLY way is a majority force of arms. The judge is ordering police to seize this child. The police will obey him. The only way to stop the judge and the police is to resist. In this case, with violence. Yes, it really has come to this point.

And yes, if they do resist, they will certainly be killed. You see, there's more policemen than there are arms in Abraham's house. And sure, the police will claim they were just following the judge's orders -- need I remind you that the Nazi guards were just following orders, too?

Every resistance has to begin somewhere.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

-- Thomas Jefferson

The tree is wilting. A lot.

(Update: Thanks to Kat, names and references to names fixed).

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