Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Bills Filed to Change NC Lottery

Remember the sound bytes, played and repeated over and over again during the passage of the lottery? Repeatedly it was claimed that the lottery proceeds would not be used to REPLACE spending on education? Oops, that sure didn't last long.

Members of the House and Senate are competing to see who can spend the lottery proceeds faster -- before the money is even collected. They've proposed expanding the utterly useless "More at Four" program (it has ZERO measurable educational benefits); give money to the "Job Development Investment Grant Program," pay off bonds for school construction (that's normally done by the counties); and various other uses.

The problem with believing the current crop of legislators in Raleigh is that so few of them seem to tell the truth -- even when they claim "things have changed" from last year to this one. I will be surprised if the "income" from the lottery isn't dumped into the general fund within 2 years.

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