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Dear Concerned Voter,

Many Republicans and Independents have recently received the juvenile mailers Karen Ray has sent. Robert Brawley has attempted to confront Karen Ray on the issues important to this community, but has only been met with a misinformation campaign. Ray’s untruthful accusations are a disservice to voters because they ignore real issues and consume public attention with distorted evidence.

In 2002 when Karen Ray was spreading the same deceit, voters came out to vote against Robert Brawley, so it is important that the truth be brought to light. Karen Ray is relying on voter ignorance, hoping that you won’t verify the record. I did the checking, and I encourage you to double check my research.

1. Karen Ray Accusation “Opposed tax cuts on gasoline, and opposed tax breaks strengthening our regional economy, protecting jobs, and stimulating new job growth.” Mooresville Tribune 3/31/2006. House Bill 105, 2005.
Karen Ray is referring to legislation she sponsored to give tax breaks on aviation fuel to race team owners for their private jets. Quoted from the same article, Mr. Brawley said, “The sales tax has been going up for most of the rest of our citizens while this action gives refunds to the wealthy.” When Karen Ray favors the industry with the deepest pockets while ignoring our infrastructure and other business, it doesn’t make for good representation.

2. Karen Ray Accusation “Betrayed his own party as the only Republican failing to oppose Democrat Speaker Dan Blue’s reckless budget, squandering the entire $1 billion tax surplus.” Mooresville Tribune 3/31/2006.
Karen Ray is referring to her own quote as evidence to support her accusation. Brawley has a consistently conservative fiscal record. By her own admission in the same article, Robert Brawley did not vote for Dan Blue’s budget.

3. Karen Ray Accusation “As reported, Brawley, an insurance agent, opposed ‘providing insurance for a minimum 48-hour hospital stay after mothers give birth. He said it would free women to shirk their duties.’” Charlotte Observer, 8/8/1995.
This liberal piece of legislation, sponsored by Democrats, requires insurance companies to pay for a minimum 48-hours hospital stay. This legislation gives the incentive for hospitals to encourage all mothers to stay 48-hours, which continues to drive up health care costs, a typical socialist solution. Robert Brawley advocated that the doctor determine the length of stay on a case by case basis, so that mothers with traumatic births get the care they need.

4. Karen Ray Accusation “Admits to cutting a deal with Democrat Speaker Jim Black in an underhanded attempt to make himself Speaker Pro-Tem and increase his own legislative pension by $8,000.” News & Observer, 2/7/1997.
Karen Ray is taking the admitted speculations of a liberal reporter and stating them as fact. Robert Brawley did not cut a deal with Jim Black. Robert Brawley voted for Republican Speaker Brubaker.

5. Karen Ray Accusation “Stated Campaign Finance Reform leads to communism, and wrote his campaign donors a letter encouraging them to violate campaign ethics laws.”
Again, Karen Ray is defacing Robert Brawley for opposing the socialist solution. This liberal idea of Campaign Finance Reform was to use our tax dollars to finance campaigns. It is not government’s responsibility to finance campaigns, that’s the job of supporters.
Furthermore, Robert Brawley did not encourage voters to violate Campaign Finance Laws. In his 2004 race against incumbent Democrat Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, Robert Brawley encountered those in the insurance industry who feared retribution from the current commissioner if they were to support a Republican. Brawley attempted to find a legal way he could receive yearly contributions from these supporters while protecting them from Jim Long’s retribution. There was no legal solution so he abandoned the pursuit.

6. Karen Ray Accusation “Siding with the lobbyists and special interests, Brawley voted to kill a bill requiring lobbyists to disclose money spent on wining and dining members of the General Assembly.”
According to the article Karen Ray references, Robert Brawley voted to send the bill back to committee. Again this was a Democrat sponsored piece of legislation that promoted the liberal agenda. Robert Brawley has always been for honesty in politics and during his service has voted for the interests of the community he represented.
In denouncing Robert Brawley for his Republican voting record, I think that Karen Ray has forgotten the primary in which she is participating. Robert Brawley’s record of accomplishments for his community are numerous, including: helping to establish the South Iredell industrial park, widen Hwy 150, and acquire grants for water and sewer for exit 36 development and Race Park development. For further information Robert Brawley may be contacted at 704-664-1502.

On May 2nd vote for mature, conservative leadership in our community, vote for honest representation, and a track record of accomplishment. Vote for Robert Brawley for 95th NC House.

(Not printed, published, paid for, or coordinated with any campaign or candidate -- simply a posting of free speech by a citizen).

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