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There has been a lot of discussion on this blog about the Republican primary race for North Carolina House district 95. The race is between incumbent Karen Ray and challenger Robert Brawley. I have been trying to investigate the race and provide information to any readers of this blog regarding the race.

As a note: this is the blog of a private citizen who is in no way affiliated with, nor working for, nor paid by any candidate or political party. This is simple freedom of speech by a citizen.

Recently I've been handed a few of the campaign brochures for both campaigns. Interestingly enough, both campaigns heavily emphasize that the candidate is a conservative. In fact, Karen Ray's ad says that Karen Ray is

Recognized as one of the General Assembly's most fiscally conservative representatives

(Emphasis NOT added by me -- it was on the ad.) Well, I know the North Carolina General Assembly is relatively transparent in some issues -- such as how members vote and what bills they support -- so I went and had a peek.

Looking at the bills that Karen Ray sponsored her last year (51 of them), I just checked the ones that dealt with spending. Here's what I found:

H1794 Supported spending more than $10 TRILLION passenger trains.
H1724 Give $5,000,000 to Nascar Museum
H1718 Give $1,125,000 (new money) to Nursing Schools
H1717 Give $4,000,000 to "Arts"
H1614 Spend $50,000 on "Study committee" to study the Dept of Public Instruction
H662 Takes $1,019,336 FROM THE HIGHWAY FUNDS and authorizes their use TO CATCH TAX EVADERS
H575 Give $51,740,554 (new money) to Community Colleges
H574 Give $11,000,000 to Community Colleges as RESERVE funds
H573 Give $42,000,000 to Community Colleges for new health systems

What? That's called "one of the most fiscally conservative?" Holy spending spree, Batman. That's over $115 million dollars of MY tax money being spent on seriously questionable (to me) issues (AND a resolution supporting $10 TRILLION of my tax money on damn passenger trains! Hello?!? Can we join the 21st century now?)

The WORST one of the bunch is H662 -- taking money OUT OF the gas tax revenue, that is supposed to be used for BUILDING ROADS that we very sorely need, and using it to catch tax cheats! That's unconsitutional because money raised for one purpose is supposed to be used for that purpose.

I'm sorry, that is NOT fiscally conservative -- that's spending money like it's going out of style.

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