Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Psycho Cindy & The Capital Police

It has been reported that Psycho Cindy (aka Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney D - Georgia) "regrets the incident" where she assaulted a capital police officer. There are rumors that charges may be filed against her when the Congressional session is over.

Her "staff" has been having meetings, trying to determine how to counter the aftereffects of these actions. Our staff on crack crack staff managed to obtain a draft memo from her office regarding a meeting they were planning to have to discuss how she can show her support for the capitol police in the meantime:

  1. Bake marijuana brownies and distribute them to the capitol police.
  2. Pass out free coupons to all the capitol police for new hairstyles.
  3. Buy all capitol police new bulletproof vests that also include a soft, padded spot in the front.
  4. Suggest firing all while capital police officers and only hire blacks to somehow eliminate all racism in the capital building.
  5. Fire the entire capitol hill police department, since they're all racist, anyway.
  6. Demand that Congress meet at her house so she doesn't have to deal with the racists at capitol hill.
  7. Punch all the other members of the capitol hill police, so no one will feel singled out.

There's no word yet, which of these options will make it out of the committee meeting...

(An Alliance Precision Guided Humor Assignment).

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