Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: John Rhodes understands the Lottery

John Rhodes is a Republican representative in the North Carolina General Assembly, in the House. He is vehemently hated by the "leadership" of the House because he sees through the lies and he's not afraid to tell the truth. He'll vote for the right thing (most of the time), and when Black & Company ask him to lie, he ignores them.

In return, he gets punished. He's made to sit in the back row. He won't be called on when he asks for a turn to speak. He gets the worst offices and the least funding for office staff. His phones might not work on some days. Either you get along with Jim Black, and do as he says, or you get punished by him.

But John Rhodes doesn't let that bother him. He'll still tell it like it is. His position on the lottery is to simply state the truth:

"It's another revenue stream and that's one of the biggest oppositions I've had to it. Government has taken enough of our hard-earned tax dollars and we don't need to be providing another revenue stream.

Anyone who claims it's for the children, education, or anything else is just simply lying. The Democrats in the legislature want more money, and they'll do whatever it takes to get that money -- just so they can spend it. Calling this lottery the "education" lottery is a complete and total lie, designed to get people to say (and I've already heard many saying it), "Well, at least if I lose the money goes for education."

That's simply a lie. But the Democrats don't care, because they're getting more money to spend.

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