Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: St. Pat's Roundup, Part I

To help you in your celebration of the wonderful holiday of St. Patrick's Day, I present to you other who have already started celebrating today:

Tammi talks about coloring the water in her candles green because she misses Chicago. Every time I think of Chicago and St. Pat's, I ALWAYS think of Tommy Lee Jones -- they can color it green this one day a year, why can't they color it every other day? She also has a couple nice toasts and a pot o gold up! She's also posted some nice 'ol Irish jokes.

William Teach provides some St. Patty's Day advice for you -- good advice, too, I might add, for any other day of the year...

Smokey has a nice joke up, too.

Michelle Malkin tells about pandering to the Irish criminals on this holiday. The only consolation is that the Irish are probably so drunk they won't remember who said what. And yes, I oppose the Irish breaking immigration laws, too.

Cao's got one of my favorite Irish jokes of all time posted. She's also got a couple fine Irish recipes posted. I wish I had time to try them tonight, but maybe tomorrow...

Contagion, that damn scotsman, complains, but agrees to put aside his bastard scottish heritage for the day to help we Irish celebrate a bit.

Jo's Cafe has a few Saint Pat's specials up for grabs.

Blackfive tries to remote blog on his Irish Palm Pilot...

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