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I guess it's time to merge the two categories of terrorism and illegal immigration. In Maryland, people openly advocating and supporting massive law-breaking are now branching out into actively supporting, advocating, and committing terrorism. But no, just listen to the press -- there's no problem with illegal immigration.

What will it take for the legislators, who are actually SUPPOSED to protect us from foreign enemies, to DO something? They're so busy doing "internal" investigations and playing tapes of hurricane briefings and other utterly useless crap that they're not even supposed to be doing to pay attention.

The problem is -- Democrats love illegals because it gives them votes. Maybe not in your town, but here in NC, illegals can show up, get a driver's license without any real id, and then they can go vote. No, it's not actually legal, but hey, they are called ILLEGAL aliens.

Republicans love the big business money and the big businesses love the cheap labor. So neither Republicans or Democrats want to do anything about the illegals entering the country and now resorting to terrorism. After all, if you're not going to get prosecuted for breaking one pile of laws, why not commit some more crimes?

In a story in the Maryland Gazette they report on an assault by a terrorist/illegal immigrant. In the case, an innocent citizen was taking pictures of some suspected illegals. The illegals complained to the police. The police's first question to the illegals SHOULD have been to check their immigration status. If you're NOT here legally, you have no grounds to complain about anyone else, period.

And in case you don't follow the other links and read about this elsewhere, there is now a taxpayer supported group that supports and aids others in breaking the law. They have now announced that they are going to resort to terrorism to stop anyone who attempts to stop them from continuing to break the law.

And yet no one in the government seems to think there's any problem. However, millions of taxpayer money is being given to a group so they can stalk and harass US citizens. I don't know about you, but I think it's time to go check the ammo supply.

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