Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: You Saved My Life! So I sue you

Ah yes, folks, we have another frustrated lottery player who hasn't won the Powerball lottery, so they've purchased an entry into the lawsuit lottery -- in one of the most lucrative of all sub-games, the medical malpractice lawsuit lottery.

In Hawaii, one Dr. Robert Ricketson suddenly found himself in a bad spot -- he was in the middle of a very delicate surgery on a man's spine. In the middle of the operation, Dr. Ricketson was faced with a choice -- follow the exact protocol for the surgery, or let the man die. Apparently, he should have chosen death.

You see, the good doctor couldn't locate the exact titanium rod that was normally used for the operation. So, he could do nothing and wait for a new rod to arrive, during which time, in the doctor's medical opinion, the patient would die, or he could improvise. The doctor saved the man's life.

The man's (and I use that term loosely) response? Sue the doctor. No, really.

The doctor, in the process of saving the man's life, used a part of a screwdriver so the man would live. The man and his family are so annoyed, they want big piles of cash to make them feel better. And they will probably win.

So what have we learned? Foolish lawsuits are one of the big reasons why medical practice and insurance are so expensive. And if you have a choice between saving someone's life and following the rules, you should follow the rules. I guess these morons would be happier if the man just died.

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