Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: USA vs SUI

More on the women's hockey. So far the US team really looks dominating. 12:09 into the 1st period and they're up 1-0, but they're really owning this game.

One of the reasons I do watch women's ice hockey is because these are amateurs. They are college students and the like who are playing their hearts out for a dream. They're NOT professional athletes -- I strongly believe that no professionals should be allowed anywhere near the Olympics.

And "elbowing?" That's illegal? The Swiss had a penalty called on them because one of them elbowed one of the US team in the head and knocked her down. I thought that was encouraged in hockey. I wonder if that's an Olympic rule.

Update: Domination by the US team, winning 6-0. VERY one-sided game. At one time, the US team had two players in the penalty box and STILL scored a goal. Very dominating.

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