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I somehow managed to stay awake for the entire opening ceremony. How, I don't know -- it was way past my bedtime, and NBC was spending more time showing commercials than show the ceremonies. The ceremony was excellent, but NBC's coverage was questionable at best. I know they have to make money, but still.

The coverage was also very deceptive. At 8:00pm EST, they said the ceremony would start in 40 minutes. It was 9:00pm EST before the ceremony started. They had nice coverage of the athletes, some practices, and the stories.

The ceremony was VERY long and drawn out. I was watching with a couple others, and one by one they gave up as the next commercial delay showed up. We all wanted to see the torch lit, but damn. Next time you want to run so many damn commercials, start at 5pm instead of 8pm.

The delays and commercials really took away from the ceremony itself.

I'm excited though, and ready to watch tons of sports by AMATEUR athletes (sorry, I don't watch the pros in the Olympics)!

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