Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Layout Note

I think I'm going to have to make what appears to me to be a minor change, but may affect you, the good reader. Currently, this site actually appears with two completely different layouts. There is the wide, light-green, 3 column layout (triad) that has the flag on the pole, the yellow text menu on the left, and the ice border along the top.

There is also the "Drainpipe" layout -- with a dark green background for the text, the steel tile background, and a drainpipe leading from one post to the next.

As the site is currently set up, you do not get to select the layout -- it is chosen for you depending on the width of your screen. If your screen is too narrow to effectively display the triad 3-column layout, you are redirected to the drainpipe layout. If you view this site with the same size browser, it's likely you've never seen the difference.

However, as I make small adjustments and changes, I update the triad site, and the drainpipe layout doesn't get updated -- so I'm going to have to do something. I'm thinking of just cutting out the code that does the redirect -- but that would mean if you have a narrow browser, you're either going to have to scroll right, or the layout will be odd.

I'm considering making a new layout for the narrow browsers. If I do that this time, I'm going to have to make the whole site modular so that I can display all the items I add and change on both layouts. Of course, that makes even more of a challenge, because I have to take ALL the items I want to display and figure out where to put them on both a wide layout AND a narrow layout.

What this means to you, the good reader (and thank you so much for stopping by) is that over this weekend you might see some odd layouts as I experiment with different layouts and designs.

Does anyone use that left menu on the wide screen layout (the Site Navigation links to the left)?

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