Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Lack of visits

I'd like to take just a moment to apologize for the lack of visits to other fine blogs by Ogre. Normally, I have a rather large list of blogs that I visit daily because I have no life they're fun and interesting to read. One day (maybe tomorrow) I'll get that blogroll code on the right more organized to reflect the ones I read.

However, in the meantime, while all you suckers good subjects citizens gender-neutral people are working hard this week, Ogre's been away in Florida, ignoring the news, politics, and pretty much everything. Don't be jealous -- he worked for many years "up the ladder" to earn this position and vacation time.

He'll be back this evening to attempt to catch up on email and blog stuff. Starting next week, regular visits to everywhere else in the blogosphere should start back up, but perhaps with a more limited schedule, as punishment a reward for taking this time off, the workload will be slightly higher, meaning less time for playing.

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