Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Now I'm Mad about Wilma

Normally when hurricanes wander around, I don't get too excited. I lived for a few years in South Florida, and I was there when Andrew absolutely ripped through Dade County -- I lived about 5 miles north of the path of total destruction. So I know what these storms do and how they work.

I do worry a little about people that are in their path like the whole pile of Florida Bloggers, but I know most of them are prepared. I know many of them will suffer some problems, but it's unlikely that many of them will be killed.

Therefore, I don't worry much about these storms. I watch them to see where they're going; I keep an eye on them to see if their outer bands will send rain to North Carolina; and I watch them because they're amazing to look at through the eyes of scientific observation.

But now Wilma's got me really annoyed. Why? The Dolphins game has been moved to Friday night.

Now, if I were in Florida, that would be no big deal (except for the sudden lack of a all-morning long tailgate party). But I'm not. I pay piles of money to the NFL via DirectTV so I can watch the Dolphins games. The team is not good enough to rate much national coverage, so the networks here in North Carolina almost never carry a Dolphins game.

Now the game is on Friday. Last year, the Dolphins had a game rescheduled because of another storm. DirectTV couldn't coordinate the legal arrangements to get it broadcast. I'm betting that I'll be out of luck again this year, and I'll see no game on Friday night.

Damn Wilma! *Shaking fists at the wind like Harvey*

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