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Some of you may have heard about the woman in Florida who was violently raped by fourteen men at the beginning of this month. Then again, maybe not. The MSM doesn't want to really touch it. Guess why?

All 14 men were illegal immigrants.

They were originally listed as "White" by the Sheriff's department. I'll let you be the judge as to whether that was a correct assessment.

After a veritable email smackdown flood by VDare readers, the Sheriff released a statement. Here's an excerpt:

A Sheriff’s Office inquiry with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has disclosed that the 14 arrestees are all Guatemalan Nationals and are in the United States illegally. Federal detainers from ICE have been placed on all 14. The federal detainer is in addition to criminal charges in Collier County. For those accused who are sentenced to serve prison time, ICE will begin removal proceedings upon their release from custody.

Due to the grievous nature of this alleged crime and the immigration issues, we have received extraordinary interest and inquiry from people throughout the nation. We will continue to provide factual updates and seek information to complete our investigation and perfect our case. We ask everyone to permit the process to work for a just conclusion and avoid oversimplifying the case, or worse, creating unproductive innuendo and rumor. Anyone with information on this or any crime is asked to contact the Collier County Sheriff's Office immediately at 774-4434. Updates on this case will be posted to our website, , in an effort to best communicate our position concerning this incident to all interested persons.

Is the MSM picking up the story yet? Of course not. it doesn't fit their pro-illegals agenda. News flash for the clueless: These people are not "undocumented workers". They are, in many cases, criminals. This could have been your daughter. Your sister. Your wife. Your mother. Raped, beaten, and left for dead in the street by a bunch of thugs who aren't even supposed to be here. It was someone's daughter that this happened to.

The border problem is out of control. We need to demand answers, demand action. We need to continue to demand it until it happens.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst, which takes place every Monday on Euphoric Reality. The purpose is to keep immigration issues at the forefront and to apply pressure to our elected officials to get the problem fixed. If you’re concerned about the state of our borders, email kit.jarrell at gmail dot com to join.

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