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This week, the Homespun Bloggers want to know:

What are your thoughts about this mission creep for our military, especially in a time when we're at war with a major portion of our forces engaged?

This is Homespun Blogger Symposium number XXXV -- that's 35 for those who are Roman-Numeral impaired. Each week the Homespun Bloggers ask a question for members to answer (or not answer) on their blogs. Feel free to read about them and join the group.

My answer, as usual, is in the extended entry below:

To me, this one is simple. The question is specifically referring to the use of the U.S. Military to provide food and shelter for the victims of the hurricanes. That's wrong.

The military is designed to kill people and break things. They are very, very good at doing that. That's all they should be used for. They should not be used for peacekeeping or humanitarian missions. If you want peace kept, use people trained to keep peace -- not those designed and trained for war.

If you want humanitarian aid, use humanitarians, not training destroyers and killers.

It may not be pleasant for you to think of things this way, but that IS what the military exists for. Now, if the role of the military was limited to it's real purpose (killing people and breaking things), then there would be no question here.

I think all the killing and destruction has already been done in areas hit by the hurricanes, so there's no need for any military action to kill and destroy more. Get the military out of ANY aid missions. If there's nothing to kill or destroy, reduce the military.

The military is not supposed to be a meals on wheels, no matter how much those in Washington want it to be. It's wrong and wasteful -- and that doesn't even go into the fact that the federal government has absolutely NO right to help those people in any way, shape, or form.

So, what do I think about this mission creep? It's totally wrong and even unconstitutional. What can be done about it? Nothing because it appears we are beyond using the constitution in this country and no one seems to care from the president on down.

Thanks for asking, MajorDad.

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