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This week's Homespun Blogger Symposium asks,

What did you see different in the preparation and aftermath of this storm compared to the one that devastated the Gulf Coast regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama?

Was the response better? Worse? What would you change?

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The biggest difference I saw was the total hysteria.

The press always goes for the most extreme, scariest, dangerous news to bring in the viewers. Before Katrina, the government in New Orleans was happy to oblige. The mayor was screaming that everyone was going to die. Headlines proclaimed that he didn't have enough body bags for all the dead.

Worst-case scenarios were being drawn up, and accurate, as the worst-case scenarios were 100 years old -- apparently everyone that didn't live in New Orleans knew it was a bowl that was going to fill with water.

Before Rita, the government simply told everyone to leave, and then, for the most part, just shut up. The public had been saturated for weeks with details about Katrina and it's aftermath, so the press couldn't drum up more fear or more horror stories -- so there was little fanfare.

After Katrina, the first thing the corrupt government in New Orleans and Louisiana did was complain and yell. They refused help from public and private sources, then complained no one would help. The primary news stories after Katrina were repeated claims that Bush failed.

As time went on, the officials in NO started to look more and more foolish. Their dire predictions of the end of the world were found to be false. The lies coming out of the hurricane zone were all shown to be wrong. Then the NO government started stealing rescue supplies, being true to their corruptness.

After Rita, people just started putting things back together. That's it. No complaining, yelling, or blaming anyone else.

On the other hand, if you're asking about the federal government response, the answer is the same no matter which storm you're talking about -- way too much, period. I'd change it by obeying the United States Constitution and NOT stealing from other citizens to pay for the foolish choices of SOME citizens.

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