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New carnivals posted for your reading pleasure:

I always love to read The Tarheel Tavern. This carnival is posts about and from people in North Carolina. It's posts and information from all across the spectrum -- sometimes there's political stuff, there's almost always some poetry, and sometimes really good personal thoughts.

This week the tavern is hosted by Pratie Place. Head on over there and see all the different things and ideas that come out of North Carolina (in spite of it's oppressive political atmosphere).

The New Blog Carnival Showcase is up at Striving for Average. This is a weekly traveling carnival that highlights the newest blogs that appear on the internet. If you've got a blog that's 3 months old or less, feel free to join in!

The details are on the brand-spanking new Showcase Carnival Page. Go take a look -- really. Feel free to leave a comment on the new site design -- it's rather... bright...

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