Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: New Blog Carnival Showcase

Arrr. It be time once a'gin fer the Showin' of the newest Blogs, by way o' this here carnival.

The first internet-lubber up be one Chronicles of the Knights Simplar. This here captain o' his blog, one Tad Babbert, be highlightin' one post about some lubber named Sean Penn. 'Ol cap'n Babbert be setting sail a'searchin' for "Looking for Logic on the Liberal Left...this may take awhile," leastways accordin' to his masthead.

It be a new ship, this Chronicles, but then all those ships that be appearin' here in the showcase be virgin. Thar be plenty more where that one come from -- The good cap'n also be takin' note of Talk Like a Pirate Day, too. Set sail with a new destination and visit that thar ship now.

The next virgin ship that be departin' this week is one Letters from the Bostonian Exile. Bein' a pirate (at least for today), I know a might bit about exiles. I be not sure if this cap'n be exiled with or without his ship. Either way, this cap'n attempts to find an explanation for just what a federal district judge in Sacramento was thinking when ruling unconstitutional the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yarrr. This here cap'n be interested in current tides and matters of the court -- he's got evidence of fighting in Germany, complains about the royalty in the US Senate, and even keeps a lookout for RINOs. Take a look before he sails with the next tide.

Last to be setting sail this week be cap'n Reaganite, setting sail from Fort Smith, Arkansas in Reaganites Unite! This here cap'n provides some more readin' 'bout the royalty in N'awlins. He even provides us w' quotes from the "plan" for abadonin' the ship of N'awlins.

This here cap'n also be postin' pictures of his favorite lassies. This here pirate ain't been at sea near long enough to be enticed there. He be having quite a nice ship there, be sure and board her to see what else that thar cap'n has in store for you land lubbers.

Yar. For more on this here carnival, also being how to join up or host at the next tide, read the main post.

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