Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Katrina aid from the UN

We've found another transcript to provide to you good readers. This one is a transcript of an actual conversation held at the United Nations building (in New York City):

Kofi Anonymous: We hear that the evil imperialists and cursed people of America have been troubled by a small storm and need help. What shall we, the rulers of the world, offer them for support, if anything?

Germany: Oil! We have plenty of oil that we bought over the years from Saddam when...oh, we don't have any oil. None at all.

France: We shall offer our unconditional surrender to the hated United States.

Koki Anon: No, that will never do. They might accept it.

Third World Country #1: We could offer them lots of money.

Iran: I offer them food, aid, comfort, and oil -- but only if they give me nuclear weapons!

France: We should all surrender immediately!

Koofi A.: Everyone wants to give them money! And just where do you think we will get this money? I only have the oil that Saddam gave me.

Third World Country #2: We can give them some diseases. We've got some spares. If they don't want that, we think they should give them money, too.

Kooki: Okay, we seem to be in favor of everyone giving them money...

France: And surrendering.

Kloopi: Yes, and surrendering. Who votes to raise dues for the UN to help pay for the hurricane damages?

* chirp chirp *

Poopi: I see. Any other ideas?

France: We should...

Anonymous K.: OTHER than surrendering?

Germany: What if we raise the dues JUST for America, and then use that money to give them for aid?

* murmur, murmur *

K-to-the-A.Non: Good idea! All in favor of giving America 2 million euros in aid, then raising the UN dues for America by 2 million euros?

* AYE! *

Mr. PoopiA: Passed!

France: Can we still surrender, anyway?

Kofi (to France): Shut up.


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