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Hey look! The HomeSpun Blogger Symposium is back. The Symposium is supposed to be a weekly question asked by MajorDad1984 -- but he's been a little busy recently and hasn't had a question each week. If I weren't so busy myself, I'd provide questions for him.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to join up and participate, see the Homespun Bloggers homepage and join up. It's just a coalition of bloggers who all blog simply because we like to. And you can participate in the Symposium any time you like. This week's question:

How do you feel about Hurricane Katrina?

I'm with Basil on this one: "Wow. That's all?"

I'm just not really sure what to do with this one. Then again, I'm not one who has often been accused of being "in touch" with my feelings.

How do I feel about the hurricane? I guess I'm in awe of the power of nature. Whenever man decides that he is superior, he is always shown different. It took hundreds of years to build all that New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama had put near the coast, but only a few hours or days for it all to be utterly destroyed by a simple storm.

Yes, a simple storm. These storms happen all the time, every single year. This one just happened to hit a highly populated area. It happens over and over again. Perhaps one day man will realize that he is not The Supreme Being that he thinks he is.

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No, you cannot build a house on the beach in the southeastern United States and expect that it will be there forever. I've lived near the beach before, and often people there think they are invincible. You're not.

Nature is awesome. I think it takes events like this to show people that they are not in charge.

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