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It's time for the New Blog Showcase Carnival! This carnival is a weekly (traveling) carnival of new blogs that have appeared in the last week or 12. It highlights blogs that are less than 3 months old. If YOUR blog is less than 3 months old, be sure to submit it through the multi-carnival submission form, and it will be included next week.

In addition, the Carnival is looking for hosts. We need exposure and hosts. The last few weeks have been very light -- very few blogs appearing and very few different hosts. Heck, even if you're a NEW blog, you can still host the carnival! All you have to do is make a single post that highlights new blogs -- in whatever format you like.

Even if you don't host it, it you happen upon a new blog (blog-sister, blog-son, etc.), be SURE to get them to submit a post of their new blog to the Showcase Carnival. Also, feel free to link to this post to tell others about the carnival. Now, on to the show:

This week there is ONE submission. That's all, just one. Well, that beats the other week when there were zero...

This week's entry is Hitting the Books. This blog is written by a "new mom living in the Northern Neck of Virginia who loves to read/inhale/devour a wide variety of books."

For the carnival, she submits a post regarding increasing readership of blogs! Go on over there and leave her a comment to show her how much traffic the New Blog Carnival Showcase can get you! Yes, do it now! Go ahead, I'll wait.

Seriously, if you're a blogger, you might remember when you were new and didn't have people commenting. You remember hitting "refresh" over and over again, hoping to see a comment appear. I know that wasn't just me. So go over to the new blog and leave a comment -- just say "Hello" if that's all you've got!

(Linked to TTLB's Ubercarnival).

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