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Today many are posting about memories from September 11th. I remember my first reaction was rather odd. I was working at a dot-bomb (that went bankrupt the next day, literally) and a co-worker came up and told me that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers.

I laughed and thought, "idiot." I thought he meant some biplane or glider had done it -- accidentally. He started getting live news feeds over the internet. When the footage of the flames showed up, he went around telling everyone to come watch. Of course we did.

Later that day, most of the workplace was in shock. No one said much and no one really comprehended it. We were all in agreement that we should nuke Afghanistan.

I have a book-type thing with a pile of pictures before, during, and after that terrorist action. There are all the usual pictures, and this one that really gives me hope and shows me America as I see it:


Despite all their attempts, we will overcome. We will not be destroyed. America will survive, despite the attempts of it's enemies, both foreign and domestic. We are the land of the free and the brave, and we shall remain so, no matter who tries to stop us.

They want us dead. The sooner you understand that, the better off we all will be. This is a religious war, and Islam wants to displace America, freedom, capitalism, and everything America stands for, especially individualism. That is a statement of fact -- not something you can "disagree" with.

No, we cannot "Agree to disagree," because it simply is true. No amount of denial from anyone will change that -- it will only hasten your own death. Feel free to comment and discuss, link and trackback, but if you disagree, you are simply wrong.

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