Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: New Neighbor #29

It's time once again for a new neighbor from the Evangelical blogroll. This week's neighbor is


Who writes Cadmusings? Cadmus. Who is Cadmus? I have no idea. There's a form to email the author, but I can find no "about me" page. Near as I can tell, the blog was started in July 2004, with a post about "panning for gold." The blog is a large mammal, so apparently everyone ELSE is reading there...

The blog layout is great. It's fast loading and very clean -- just the right amount of color. It's very well-organized with a good focus on the main content in the middle. Head on over, if for no other reason, to see a good layout and design (Credit for the design and layout are given to Mike Little.)

The blog topic is "Thoughts and ruminations about religion, politics, books, writing, entertainment, technology, family and our culture." Lots of different stuff there. Like most in the world, recent posts focus on Katrina including church relief, survivor information, and news and information.

There's also a song meme that shows the author is so NOT pop-culture. Also, like a previous neighbor, the author really likes coffee.

The blog is updated mostly daily, so you're assured fresh content quite often. Head on over and see what CadMusings is all about!

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