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circus_tent.gif Here is it! The New Blog Showcase Carnival! This is the showcase carnival that showcases new blogs. Any blog that's less than 3 months old is eligible. This is the carnival that highlights those new blogs. This week we've got a whopping ONE entry.

While you're browsing blogs, be sure to either submit those new blogs, or tell the owner of the blog to submit. This is the chance to get some exposure for those brand-new blogs. In recent weeks, the submissions have been very weak. We may have to change the format, suggestions are welcome.

In addition, this is supposed to be a traveling carnival. However, the carnival seems to have parked itself here at Ogre's Views. That's okay with me, but you are missing a chance at free links and experience hosting a carnival! If you want to host, please send me an email (link in the upper right corner over there). It's REAL simple if you want to host.

Without further ado, our ONE entry into the carnival for this week:

The View From the Cheap Seats

Now this one is one that's going to get on my blogroll right away. It's a blog dedicated to "Cabarrus County, NC local news and politics" -- that's the county over from me, so I am very interested. Cabarrus county seems to be getting the same disease Mecklenburg County has -- and it's spreading to various other counties -- the disease is socialism.

As a submitted post, he submits Politics in an Odd-Numbered Year X: Odell Stops that Big, Yellow Taxi and Skips on the Fare. That post is a long, detailed post describing annexation rights. Even if you're not in the area, you should go read, as I bet this same thing is happening in your area.

Folks, this IS the New Blog Carnival Showcase. Go ahead, head on over to that blog and comment. Don't you remember when you started out and appreciated that comment? Make people like the New Blog Carnival Showcase so we can keep this thing going!

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