Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Talk like a Pirate Day

My most favorite holiday of the year is coming up!

September 19th (it be Monday this yearrrr), is Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARrrr!

Since it is a Monday, most of my good readers will be able to participate at work! This should cause many opportunities for enjoyment of staff meetings and the like (pirate hats are optional).

Some good phrases to prepare:

"Shiver me timbers!" - like saying "oh My!" like my legs are shaking

"Skuttle me Skippers" - Making a mistake and being judged for/by it.

"Avast ye varmint" - Stop right there young man because you're in big trouble.

"Weigh anchor!" - Let's go!

"Yarr." - I agree.

Don't forget!

And if you don't have a pirate name yet, you can get one here! My first attempt at a name was Bloody Tom Read. That one stinks, so I'm getting a new one...

(Hat tip to Pirate's Cove who else?)

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