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There are apparently some challengers for Hillary (D-anystate) Clinton for election to the US Senate for New York. Everyone knows how many Democrats live in New York (except Hillary, she's from Arkansas), so I'm not sure any Republican has a chance. However, Jeanine Pirro has tossed her hat in the ring.

Now she doesn't have a blog, so that's one strike against her ;) However, The Alliance noticed that she didn't have a slogan for her campaign on her website and was wondering if we could help her out. Well of course!

So here's the top 10 suggestions from Ogre's Politics and Views for campaign slogans for Jeanine Pirro 2006 for US Senate:

#10: Vote Pirro -- She's not Hillary!
#9: Let's have a Senator for New York that's from New York.
#8: Pirro -- because she won't hang condoms on a Christmas Tree and call it wonderful.
#7: Pirro -- the New York Senator who will serve 6 years, not 2.
#6: Pirro: the only candidate in the race who's husband hasn't been disbarred.
#5: Vote Pirro -- She's not running for President!
#4: Pirro: A true moderate for all moderate New Yorkers.
#3: Vote Pirro -- the candidate that can tell when her husband is telling lies to her and the whole damn country.
#2: Pirro: because her husband won't be trying to hog the news cameras during every news conference.

And finally, the #1 campaign slogan for Jeanine Pirro:
#1: Vote Pirro: Do you really want to vote for Hillary again?

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