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Ah it seems MajorDad missed posting the Homespun Symposium for this week at Homespun Bloggers. That's OK, because we can simply make up our own! Just for fun, I'll make this week's Homespun Symposium random -- I'm gong to go to and select the...third news story listed when I get there. That will be this week's topic:

Large Quake Hits Northern Japan.

Ok, well that didn't work too well. I'll go back and try the third news story listed in the politics section...

Federal Budget deficit drops again.

Sigh. Must be a slow news day.

The story starts out with

The Congressional Budget Office predicts a budget deficit of $314 billion for the coming fiscal year, almost a $100 billion decline from last year's deficit.

Well so what? Has the Congressional Budget Office ever been correct with their predictions? The White House predicts the deficit will be $333-$341 billion. Again, so what? I don't think many people really care in this country.

Of course, the Formerly Mainstream Media (FMSM) cannot let a chance go by to criticize President George W. Bush:

Last year's deficit was a record in dollar terms

Well, Duh. Know what? Darn near everything that's purchased THIS YEAR is more expensive than last year! Why is that news? Why even mention such a silly thing? Why don't they report, daily, on the fact that milk and Oreos are the most expensive they've ever been? Perhaps only because they haven't figured out how to blame Bush for milk prices yet.

The whiners Democrats were quick to respond, complaining about tax cuts and baby boomers retiring. Hey Kent Conrad (W-ND), here's a clue: if you don't have enough money, STOP SPENDING IT!

I'm no big fan of deficit spending -- heck, I'm not a fan of about 95% of government spending. If you don't have the money, stop spending it. Want to save money? Get rid of the Department of Education, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and half the other departments that do nothing but unconstitutionally take my hard-earned money.


What's your take on the news that "the federal budget deficit drops again"?

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