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Yay, it's time for the New Blog Carnival Showcase! Hooray!

This is the showcase that showcases (hence the name) new blogs (again, that's where the name comes from). Any blog that's less than 3 months old is eligible for participation. No other criteria apply for this carnival! If you see a blog that's young, please do direct them to the Showcase Carnival.

First up in the New Blog Showcase is:

Below the Beltway

This blog was started by Doug on July 4th! He started out with a post about the 4th, including a nice quote from Thomas Jefferson. There's no "about me" section, so I can't tell you more about Doug, but he does post many, many times a day!

For the carnival, he submits a post about Catholics and the Boston Globe. The title shows where he's going with this one with "Catholics Need Not Apply." Good details and supporting links.

He has a relatively short blogroll, but he's included in the Life, Liberty, and Property Group, so I might be a little biased to favor this blog...

Anyway, head on over, read the blog, and drop him some comments. You remember when you started out and were just dying to know that SOMEONE was reading your blog, right? I know, I feel that way many days, get over there and drop some comments!

Next in the Showcase is
Elie's Expositions

This blog was started July 15th with a Hello Blogosphere post. Well, he already knew the fancy technical terms to use, so he starts out ahead of the game, eh? (Yes, Elie is a male. How do I *know*? I read his profile.)

He's from New Jersey and trying, I imagine with incredible difficulty that I cannot possibly conceive, to come to grips with the death of his 18-year old son. I just absolutely cannot imagine that kind of pain. The article he sends to feature in this showcase is "As He Was," introducing his former son.

There's also plenty of other posts mixed in, like neat baseball questions and some of my favorites, logic questions! Yay!

So if you want some varied reading on all sorts of different topic, some of which are truly very personal, please be sure to head on over and read. I'm quite sure he will appreciate the comments, as you did when you started blogging.

Also, if you're interested in hosting the carnival in the future, drop us a line at the showcase email ( It's real easy, you get links, and it's often a lot of fun exploring new blogs. Thanks for reading!

(This post also to be found in the Ubercarnival listings).

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