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The Alliance mentioned that perhaps there were some media scandals that were not being reporting (other than that whole liberal Air America thief thing). We did the usual and sent out Ogre's Investigative Teamâ„¢.

We found some rather disturbing things that were simply NOT being reported in the formerly mainstream media (FMSM):

1. Wolf Blitzer doesn't wear any pants when he is reporting. Our investigators didn't find out what was going on behind that desk where he wasn't wearing any pants, and they refused to investigate more...

2. The ACLU exists primarily on money from taxpayers, sucking them dry with extortion methods and "settlements" from lawsuits. Oh wait, this was supposed to be made-up stories that aren't being reported on. Sorry that real one slipped in there.

3. Eleanor Roosevelt's ghost has been making appearances in the newsrooms of CBS News, giving news stories and tips to Vicki Mabrey.

4. NARAL and Democrats have started complaining about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' children. They have attempted to link Mr. Roberts with recent terrorist attacks in Iraq. Oh wait -- I forgot again about this list being made-up stories. Real media scandals keep slipping in.

5. Various polls now indicate that the absolute vast majority of Americans now get their news from blogs, and they trust information found in blogs more than they trust the formerly mainstream media (FMSM). Each time the polls appears, they are buried by the network anchors, but the viewing public doesn't seem to notice.

6. Famous blogger Harvey is actually ABC's Elizabeth Vargas, blogging in drag and concealing his her identity. IP address trails from Bad Example have been traced to the offices of ABC news, confirming this rumor.

There were more scandals, but the investigative staff got too drunk to report them all at this time...

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