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Yay! The New Blog Carnival Showcase is here! The New Blog Showcase Carnival is here!

Ok, so let's show all the new blogs that have been submitted this week to the wonderful Showcase carnival that lets you, the good reader, know about all the new blogs that have been popping up this week:


(chirp, chirp)


Ah. Well.

It seems there were exactly zero blogs to be showcased this week. Well that stinks. Folks, if, in your browsings, you find a blog that is less than 3 months old, please direct them to the new showcase carnival. I guess I need to get some more advertising and such going.

In fact, feel free to use this entry as a free trackback post to help pimp the New Blog Showcase Carnival! Trackback at will! Get the word out! Also, if you're interested in hosting the carnival, drop me a line through the email up at the top right of this page.

Update: Now part of TTLB's Uber-Carnival.

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