Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: New Layout

So, how does everyone like the new layout? Oh. Yes, you're right, there was no change in the layout this month. Sorry, it's not coming soon, either.

The next layout I'm working on is relatively complex. I'm experimenting with quite a few features that will work behind the scenes, so don't worry, it won't be a diagonal layout or anything. It will be a pretty different layout, however.

The idea is to have a relatively informative "above the fold" section. From there, there will be links and teasers to articles. I know Harvey won't like it, at least at first, because it is going to be designed to make you click some, not just scroll. But it should be very user-friendly, unlike the horizontal layout.

I'm setting it up based on cookies and larger screen layouts. If you're one of the 15% viewing with 800x600 monitor settings, sorry, you're not getting the fancy stuff. I'm going to set up an auto-detect that will send small screen viewers to a different layout. I'm also considering having very primitive logins (optional, of course) and a few other features that "remember" your visits.

The big thing that will make a difference will be cookies and computers. I'm wondering how many people visit this site from more than one computer? I can only track cookies on a computer-basis, so if you visit from home and work, the cookies idea won't work, but logins might. So...

How many people visit this site from different computers -- and if so, would you be opposed to a login to remember your readings?

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