Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Blogcrawl 2005

blogcrawl20051thumb3jz.jpgIt's here! The first (?) ever blog crawl, brought to you by Miasmatic Review!

What's a blogcrawl? Well, no one is really sure. Therefore, we get to make up our own rules. Actually, Contagion already has those made up, too. And Harvey's got 'em reposted, just in case. The idea is to drink and post. That's pretty much it. You're supposed to confine yourself to Saturday 7pm to Sunday 7am. And posting and linking in the Bad Example Family and Frizzen Sparks Family is also encouraged. I'm not technically "in" the family, so I'm just going as a house crasher (what else would you expect from an Ogre?).

So come along! Get ready to party! It's also Tammi's birthday party. Lots and lots of posting and commenting to be had for all! Non-drinkers are also invited. I think I might dress up in my pirate costume, just to set the mood...

Note: Due to spammers, comments are typically closed after 3 days, or, if a post is active, after some time of inactivity. Feel free to email Ogre if you want to comment on an older post.