Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: John Edwards on Tour

Anyone remember John Edwards? He bought a seat in the US Senate for a few years, and even showed up to vote once or twice. He was also a vice-presidential candidate for a little while. After he lost that election, he was rewarded by the University system of North Carolina with a chair of some sort. Well, he's back in the news, annoying Democrats again.

This time, he's touring AZ, NM, MI, and OH to promote raising the minimum wage in those states. Why him? No one knows. Why those states? Check them again. It's starting to appear that he wants to be Hillary's running mate in '08. After all, he brought so much to the ticket in '04, why not?

What's even funnier about his trips is that the North Carolina Legislature Democrats are mad. Did you know Edwards was from North Carolina? He is, but he's not been campaigning in North Carolina for their minimum wage increase!

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