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Each week they ask a question and seek responses from other Homespun Bloggers. If you'd like to join up, Read this and follow the directions there (send an email). They've got weekly roundups, these symposiums, and even radio blogging.

This week, they are asking about Joseph Farah's article that claims that al-Qaida already has nuclear weapons in place inside the United States. If that article is true and accurate, the Homespun Bloggers ask:

What do we do about this potential threat not only to the United States, but to the global economy and the history of mankind?

If the nukes are already here, there's not a whole lot that can be done. Certainly if even one is detonated, it's going to have worldwide, extremely long-lasting implications. One can only hope if the terrorists have them here that they will accidentally explode them while in transport, hundreds of miles from any population centers.

However, as I've mentioned before, it's time to move in on these people. Just as Freedom of Speech has limits, so should Freedom of Religion (as it does). You do not have unlimited freedom of religion. The Muslim religion requires killing all Americans -- it's time to crack down on that religion and tell them that they are not welcome here.

You cannot have a religion that requires human sacrifice, can you? So why are mosques permitted to remain and continue preaching death to Americans? As drastic as it sounds, the Muslim religion should be declared what it is -- treason -- and it should be outlawed in American. Shut them down and arrest them. 100% of the terrorists are Muslims. If the Muslim religion is shut down, the terrorists will have much fewer places to hide.

This would not be a "slippery slope" -- it would simply be placing reasonable limits on freedom. We are already limited in the Christian religion, arms, speech, and everything else -- SHUT DOWN MULSIMS IN AMERICA.

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